Saturday, March 1, 2008


I'm in Puerto Escondido and loving it! The views are amazing from all of the beaches (trust me, there are plenty!) and the beaches are awesome.

Yesterday after I got in, I was planning on going exploring and happened to meet one of the other girls in the program on her way to met some of the other people to play sand volleyball on the beach. We walked to the beach and passed many others. We went to a beach called Playa Marinero because the students that were on the program last month became friends with the owner of one of the bars and usually play volleyball there as the sun sets. The view is amazing and especially the sunset. Afterwards we walked back to our homestays because they are next door to eachother. It took about 30 minutes in the dark, but it wasn't that bad because there isn't much traffic here.

My homestay is literally a 10 minute walk from 2 different beaches! You can't swim at many of the beaches because of a strong undertoe, but the waves are awesome making Puerto Escondido known for surfing. One of the beaches that is safe to stay at is called Playa Carazalillo and it's one of the ones that really close to my homestay. Today I went to Carazalillo and swam a little bit before orientation. It is really beautiful because it is in a little inlet between two rocky areas.

After orientation, I went back to play beach volleyball at the far away beach and now I'm going to a bonfire that the students are havingwith some of their Argentinian friends that they've made here.

I promise I will post pictures as soon as I can!!!


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