Thursday, June 16, 2011

Street Children's Parade

This past weekend, instead of going white water rafting in Uganda like many others in the group, I decided to spend the weekend hanging out in Eldoret to get to know the city a bit better. Friday some of us went out for Indian food at a restaurant in town that was excellent. I have to say that Indian food in Kenya is definitely better than places in the US (except my mom's house of course!).

After, I headed back to the hostel, and met some more Kenyan medical students. My roommate Soshana wanted to go into town to pick up some food but somehow they talked us into going out to a club with them. The club is called Spree and I have to say that it is a really fun place. They play mixture of hip-hop, dance, pop, and popular Kenyan dance music. The Kenyan medical students definitely know how to have fun around here, and I would say that they go out more than us in the US.

One of the coolest things that I have done in Eldoret so far is the Street Children's Parade that I went to on Saturday. We met up with a group of people that was a combination of many street children, people who work with them, and other local groups that walked from the town hall of Eldoret to a children rescue center that was approximately a 45-minute walk away. The entire way I talked to a girl named Faith who lives at a boarding school that takes in children who have nowhere else to go and provides them with a safe place to live and an education. She was very sweet and was one of the students presenting at the program they had at the rescue center.

I thought it was a great experience overall, but they were many many street children who came which is not a happy sight. There are various social programs set up in Eldoret, but they don't provide them with as stable of a home that children need to grow up unfortunately.

That night, I had dinner at IU house that a bunch of us put together, but to be honest I mostly played with Dr. Stone's baby Gavin who is ridiculously adorable :)

Hope everyone is well! Love from Kenya

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