Sunday, June 24, 2007

I tried to upload some pictures but it is really just taking too long at this internet cafe. When I go to the better one, I'll see if it'll work there. The internet is 75 cents for an hour but the problem is that it doesn't alwasy work and a lot of the cafes are not airconditioned.

Yesterday was the first day of orientation and was a pretty long day but today is going to be more manageable and more interesting (at least for me). We're going to Handicap International which an NGO that provides prosthetic limbs for landmine victimes. We have the opportunity to volunteer there, so there is a definite chance of that for me. I'll probably decide today. Otherwise, there is also a non-profit Children's Hospital in town. We'll see.

Last night we went to see the Apsara dancing, and that was pretty cool. I liked it and they had a buffet, but I think that I ate too much. The food was very yummy especially because there was food from all of South East Asia, and not just Cambodia.

I forget what we're doing tomorrow to be honest, but I think we have a class in Survival Khmer and some other things that are orientation related.

In terms of my itinerary of the rest of the week:

Thursday: Free day so I think we're going to the floating village
Friday: another free day but we have a temple pass so I think I'm going to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat
Saturday and Sunday: TEMPLES TEMPLES
Monday: classes start D:

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