Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The past two days of orientation have been mostly listening to them talk about safety and not doing anything stupid. I guess they feel required to tell us a lot more in Asia because a lot more can go wrong. For example, we’re not allowed to ride on motorbikes or drive them (not that I would do that anyway). Things like that.

Today we’re going to the floating village and I’m so excited! :D Two of my friends already went and they met a monk there that was teaching some kids how to speak English. So Joanna and I decided to buy a couple of books on learning English for them. I thought that would something that they could use, and we wouldn’t have to worry about them using the donation in a way that didn’t go directly for the kids.

The day before yesterday (Thursday) I was feeling pretty sick, but things are a lot better now. I guess I was the first one to be not feeling well, but I got over it by last night so it really wasn’t that bad.

The last two days we had lessons in Survival Khmer. The language sounds very cool. It’s very interesting. They are actually giving us the option of taking it with some of the other foreign students (not in our group), but the only thing is that it’s before classes start and you know how good I am about waking up in the morning. I’m really thinking about it though, and I don’t think that waking up should stop me. We won’t get credit in the classes, but I think I would like to learn the language anyway.

Lea haey! (Good-bye!)

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