Sunday, June 24, 2007

In Cambodia

Hey everyone,

I'm in Cambodia now, and I love it. I got in really late on Friday night so I pretty much unpacked a bit and went to sleep. Yesterday, I met up with Jo (my roommate), Bryan, and Jodie and we walked around Siem Reap and saw the old market, central market, and the monastery where we'll be studying.

Today was our first day of orientation and we got a basic overview of the program and went the Cambodian Cultural Village where they have miniature replicas of Cambodian monuments and cultural dances and presentations. It was cool, but I'm definitely loking forward to seeing everything in person. Tonight we're going to dinner where they have traditional Cambodian Apsara ballet so I can't wait!

We haven't gone to Angkor Wat yet, but we're going this weekend and we're getting a tour by an archaeologist who does documentaries for the BBC and history channel so that will be definitely be awesome.

I don't think that I'm experiencing culture shock, but I would say that I'm experiencing heat shock. It really is a lot hotter here, but I would say that it's really apparent when you're standing in the sun. When it rains though, it cool down significantly, so I'm very thankful for the rains. I think it's just something that I'll have to get used to.

I didn't get a chance to upload any photos but I'll try soon and have a much longer post. Much love.

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