Sunday, July 1, 2007

Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor was breath-taking. It was definitely one of the most awe-inspring places I have been in my entire life. I will never forget the pure energy of these monuments in the spirit they exude and ideas that they represent.

It would take days for me to discuss everything that I loved about each of the temples that we went to but I will attempt to give a brief synopsis of each temple along with a couple of pictures I took at each one.

Every temple that we went to was absolutely gorgeous. It was interesting to see the gradual transition through the centuries that the particular temple was built.
Our program bought us a weekend pass to the temples. On Friday we were on our own to go and explore the temples. This also gave us the opportunity to see some of the temples that we wouldn't be able to on Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday and Sunday we were scheduled a tour with an official Angkor tour guide who also works in the restoration in the temple called Preah Khan.

Here our my favorite pictures from each day (some with description!)

June 29
Day on our own. Went to temples with Bryan, Joanna, Kristine, and Sopheap.

June 30
This was our first day with the official tour guide.

July 1
Our second day with a tour guide. We did some hiking in the forest (yes!) and saw the River of a Thousand Lingas (Kbal Spean). We also finally saw the biggest temples of them all, Angkor Wat!

These are all photographs that I took. If you would like to see more of my photos or these in a bigger size you can check out my Picasa Photo Gallery

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