Wednesday, July 25, 2007

......Crazy...... Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh

So this has probably been one of the craziest weeks of my entire life.

July 13: We left early in the morning for a 10 hour (at least) bus ride to Sihanoukville (aka the beach). After getting there we were so happy to be there that we had a crazy night walking beach, watching fire spinners, and essentially throwing each other into the water. It is a night that I will NEVER forget and very wet. I had an amazing time!

July 14
: I went for a long 1 1/2 hour walk on the beach early in the morning because our guest house room was FREEZING and it woke me up. It was the coldest I've felt in a long time! Afterwards, we all decided that we were going to go to a secluded beach ... in a tuktuk. So there's 7 of us in the tuktuk on a very very muddy road. Of course the tuktuk gets stuck, lol! We hung out at the secluded beach just relaxing despite the overcast sky etc. That night we spent it at the Blue Dolphin a busy bar on the beach and had some interesting experiences.

July 15
: Got up early to get on the bus. We forgot someone's ticket so I offered to take the later bus with some other people. When I got a moto to take me to the ticket office, he definitely didn't speak English and took me on a very scary tour of Sihanoukville essentially because I had no idea where we were going. I yelled at him and made him take me back to the bus, where they told me that they were able to look up my ticket and let me on. Thank god! Made it to Phnom Penh for a river boat cruise + dinner at night.

July 16:
Various things around Phnom Penh including going to Wat Phnom and getting my fortune read nearby. We also talked to a couple of NGOs. That night we went to Suki Soup which is an awesome restaurant (there's on in Siem Reap too... explain more later) and went to karaoke that night. It was lots of fun.

July 17: We went to REYUM art school, which is a place where students who are talented in art have an opportunity to learn better skills to hopefully be able to turn that into a trade someday.

July 18: So this is where the crazy stuff starts. Essentially this morning... I felt really sick so I went to the international clinic where a couple days later and after being poked a lot, they tell me that I have dengue fever. So the rest of the week was a blur and got back to Siem Reap on July 23.

being sick sucks

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