Monday, June 13, 2005


well i'm leaving for the airport at 3am on my way to costa rica. i have a layover in miami which should be pretty lonely alone. who knows? somebody from my trip might be on the same flight. that would be pretty nifty. i'd probably be too shy to approach anybody tho X 0. but regardless i have two books (Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher and Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut) and damn i have so much shit packed but i followed the provided list perfectly SO IT"S NOT MY FAULT THIS TIME!

so here are my promises for the trip so far:
paul--monkey sex pictures (don't they have to be in estrus for that??? who knows you might get lucky:P)
adriane--name a monkey after her. (now for some reason this might be related to her random likeness to monkeys but we love her WAY too much to let her know that shush!)
april--i'll take a picture of a pretty flower for you
sonu--jump off a waterfall cliff
nisha--have fun but not too much (who me? nooo!)
shaili and parin--um monkeys again (WHAT's THE DEAL WITH THE MONKEYS@!)
parents--good grades (that's going to be hard in costa rica)

any requests????? i'm all for them

i'm sooo giddy. i wanna leave NOW. hehe read the email from our TA's

dudes and dudettes,

This is Nathaniel and Maria, your two turbo-awesome TAs for the summer. So, with less than 48 hours left in the US, you're probably scrambling to gather all the last-minute items, those more subtle ingredients for that perfect summer concoction. Well, for the moment forget all logistical things like sunscreen, bugspray, and your 100% UV protected,ventilated,sweat-wicking, poly-tech REI t-shirt , etc, and try to think in terms of fun. When we're all maxin' out of the beach of corcovado or just kicking back in the station here in monteverde, you're gonna want your toys. Seriously, bring frisbees, cards, guitars, CDs, books, action figures, and the like. I'm not saying that there will tons of time for recreation, but these items will come in handy. oh, and you'll want cozy dresswear for the station during lecture time and those late hours of paper writing. k, that's it. get ready to have fun and work your little tushies off. see you monday.

i think i'm going to have fun. don't you? still nervous though. giddily nervous...does that make sense?

well anyways back to me. i'm going to be staying in San Jose (the capital) for two days. There I'll have my orientation and my spanish placment test (ick). Then I'll be going on a camping trip where I'll be living out a tent for about a week and get the dirtiest I've been in my entire life. (now that's kind of intimidating but don't worry i can do it!) After all of this, I'll be at the station where i'll be having my more conventional classes and there I'll have a computer so all y'all (damn why'd i go to school in southern indiana???) can email me or send me messages through livejournal. I'm almost positive that I'll be able to use livejournal there. If i don't have a message up after two weeks feel free to email me at I love getting mail be it snail mail or email/fast mail.

hey if you want a postcard send me ur addresses. real addresses. i'll see what i can do. email them to me tho. i don't want the creepies being able to find out where you live.

here's my address.
c/o CIEE
APDO 43-5655
Monteverde, Costa Rica

write me if you wish. i also have a calling card. i may call a couple of people. We'll see how much time i have.

I'll take 34 billion pictures and fill up both of my memory sticks. I'll put them online as soon as possible. even if that means i have to do it at school.

well i don't know what to expect so i'm just going to jump in and hope for the best. see you all soon! bye and i <3>

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