Sunday, June 26, 2005


i'm officially in monteverde and wearing the first pair of clothes that don't smell like ass. ASS. it was because of the humidity around here. i love it here. it's a 40 minute hike up to the station and its an incline but seriously it's gorgeous up here. we all decided that they have been taking us to the most beautiful parts of costa rica so that we all work in conservation efforts.

i'm going to write more and put it in a word document then paste it here in a little bit so that i'm not hogging the internet b/c it only works on two computers here. post later tonite or tomorrow.

i need to go to bed early though because breakfast is at 7 and we're hiking all day.

just to let you know. i miss you guys so much. so much.

Current Music: something that michael's playing.

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