Monday, June 27, 2005


today we hiked from 8am to 3pm and i guess i'm used to it b/c i'm not even tired. it was all uphill too. well at least in the forest. we hiked up to the continental divide and they said that if you peed on the right it would flow down to the atlantic and on the left to the pacific. so we could see both ends of the country from up there and i think i might do my independent study project somewhere up there on those trails. we'll see what i decide to do. the hike was great though because it was really cool outside and we stopped a lot to take notes on the various species we saw along the way. for example we took notes on certain palms and this cool biting beetle.

tomorrow we have 6 hours of lecture then 2 hours of spanish. so pretty much it's gonna be a doozy academically. we have our first field practical on monday and i'm scared shitless. i think everyone is. i've been studying and i don't seem to be getting anywhere there's so much to learn... those damn heliconiaceae look like the costaceae. etc. it's going to have a slideshow portion and a fill in the blank portion. no short answer for us.

we might get pizza afterwards. PIZZA!!!!! i'm so sick of the rice and beans that i will eat it all! but here in monteverde the food is a lot better and the cook people are awesome. they even do our laundry for us (b/c they got sick of people breaking the washer machine) and from where i'm sitting i can see the most awesome view. and even hear howler monkeys at times.

PS sorry for posting that last one twice. nothing shows up here until the next day. it's really strange. well ttyl. i might be on AIM at times but who knows when b/c the internet works sporadically here. well that all.

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