Tuesday, June 14, 2005


didn't expect me to post, did you??? well actually i can, today. It turned out that our hotel has free internet access for guests and its really fast. Do any of you have MSN messenger? i don't know if i'll have AIM at the station, but i'm pretty sure that i might have the other stuff.

Costa Rica is really nice and actually the weather is a lot better than it was in Chicago except for the the spontaneous torrential downpours. Actually it's raining like crazy right now. Well, that is to be expected considering it is the rainy season here. Which is pretty much like our winter.

Today we had to go to the local market and get a fruit that we were assigned. I had never even heard of mine before. i got palmita (which is pretty much the central vein of a palm tree and people here eat it) and something called a pejibaye. To find the pejibaye i had to walk like 5 blocks but luckily Elizabeth came alone with me. part of our assignment was to ask the vendors about the fruit and apparently the pejibaye is used by many men to increase sexual potency o.o

We went to a butterfly sanctuary thing at the national museum and you know those huge bright blue butterflies? well one of them landed on my face and flew around me and meghan for like a full minute. i have a picture of him. he's really pretty.

We've just been having fun wandering around san jose. the people here are cool it's just kinda weird being the only person that doesn't drink. o well. that will probably happen to me quite often in my life and i'm just going to have to learn to get used to it. yesterday three people got absolutely drunk. o there's a guy from newburgh here. (nisha he went to memorial) and there's a couple of people that i really like, but everyone is cool. there are only 13 of us so i don't think that any real clicks will form (maybe the people that talk about drinking all the time and those that don't) but pretty much everything's going pretty well.

It turns out that the first field trip is until june 26 (so 11 days) i thought it was only going to be like 7 so i won't be able to have contact with any of you until then.

PS. paul is butterfly sex ok? i definitely got a video of that for you :P

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