Monday, June 20, 2005

San Dominical

hi. i'm at an internet cafe at a small surfer town called san dominical. i'm pretty exhausted, but i still have a week of traveling to go before we settle down in monteverde. bad news: i have an ingrown toenail. so i'll probably have to go to the doctor tomorrow. i had to hike for 8 hours on it. it hurt worse than a kidney stone. it was pretty bad overall.

the aminals are awesome here as was to be expected. you know that you're in another side of the world when you see a manta ray do a backflip out of the water 10 yards from your boat. also the monkeys are pretty cool. \

the learning here is tough. there's a lot of memorization so this could be hard. pretty much it's just memorizing the characteristics of different plant families and a lot of the them are very similar. i hope i do ok.

everyone gets a long well so i'm having a pretty good time.

O.O just don't blink.

write again when i can

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