Monday, August 8, 2005


we're going on a canopy tour today which means that we'll be doing ziplines through the rainforest! how sweet can life get??????

i hope my feet don't fall off. it's SOO cold outside (50F) and windy and misty as heck too. i know all u people in the states are burning up there, but why can't we all find a happy medium.

i've decided to add this line to my acknowledgements just to let you know
"If I didn't have the support of all my friends and family at home, this trip would have been hard to survive" or something of the sort. we'll see :/ i need to improve it. it's too early

i'm sorry that all u guyz are working real hard. just remember that i'll give u all big hugs when we get to school, and hopefully, that will make you feel better. (ihope i does) b/c i myself need some addy,paul,april,kelly,and nisha hugs so TOOO bAD!

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