Friday, August 12, 2005

i gave my symposium presentation yesterday and afterwards i felt really really sad. it felt like another large part of the program had just ended. i did fine though if u guyz care, i got a 9.6 out of 10.

afterwards me and meg went to Santa Elena and did some souvenir shopping. then we went to this coffee shop called the treehouse coffee shop. there is honestly this large tree growing through the middle of the place. it is soo sweet. we sat and talked for like 3 hours there. it was amazing. i had a chocolate mint milkshake and she had a passion fruit shake and coffee.

it was sooooo hot when we went there. then it started to cool down because a CLOUD came through the middle of town. hehehe. then it started pouring like no other. then it stopped and we left. it was awesome.

we came back and there was a barbecue and javier's house (one of our ecology profes) it was pretty fun. i've never eaten so much meat in my entire life. (shrimp and chicken) then we laid on the balcony talking to michael and stuff wrapped in blankets that gave me the sniffles. i went to bed cuz i was really tired, but her and michael stayed up til 2am to watch the meteor shower. i didn't want to miss it, but i knew even if i was there i would be sleeping.

i'm going to miss meg so much. we had a long conversation about religion and things like that and i believe i have found one of the only people that has introspectively analyzed their religion as much as i have. i told her that we have to make an effort to keep in touch b/c i can't bear to lose her as a friend.

Current Music: TA's singing something in Santa Rosa on video

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