Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yesterday was brilliant!!!!!!!!!

people might be surprised that i say that considering i had a final yesterday but it was easy and confidence-building.

so after we went to San Luis which is this little farming town close by in the valley of the tilaran mountains kinda. we went to this families house and ate some of the best arroz con pollo EVER (chicken and rice). man it was sooo good. then they taught us about the history of their family and how the land had been his great-grandparents'. then we went out and helped him cut sugar cane and clean it. they have a really old fashioned sugar mill that has the thing that oxen run around to do it but for us Elizabeth and Colin had to do it. it was hilarious and great. everyone kept hitting them on the butts telling em to go faster. (i didn't :P). so we got to drink FRESH sugar cane juice. then we hiked about an hour to one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the world. we ur standing up by monteverde you can see it with your binoculars. we went there :). the hike was pretty hard and uphill so when we got there i was kinda warm so i went swimming in the water at 50 F. i didn't make it far enough to actually have the water come down on my head but still, it was awesomely cold. so on the way back i talked to Maria one of our TA's and it turns out that both of us have a very similar outlook on life in terms of religion and stuff like that, which i'm not gonna lie, surprised me. pleasantly surprised. that was awesome, so we have become pretty good friends. we came back and the wife taught us some merengue but she kept changing it soooo me and maggie we just like screw it and we danced for fun.

then we came back and went to Kathy's house for dinner and fun times. omg it was so fun. people drank and things and the got everyone to take shots or drinks even our professor Carlos Guindon. (well everyone except me of course... don't worry i haven't changed THAT much) it was just a fun time playing with her two ADORABLE daughters and the plethora/cornucopia of animals. since the waterfall had been so great, i was in one of my awesome sheiphali-moods and i think that i'm starting to open up in front of people more... to bad the program's almost over.

some people went to La Taberna but most of us came back to the station. i hung out with mary and nathaniel in the TA's office and we just layed on the hard wood floors, listened to music, and fell asleep. it was really nice. mary and nathaniel were talking but i was too tired to think and all i just slept. o ya and we did this thing that mary likes to do on hardwood floors. she moves her legs back and forth like she's making a snow angel because "it feels cool." uh right. but i did it anyways ~.o

so they have created a "sheiphalipop" song in my honor apparently and its hilarious. i'll try to see if i can figure out some way of taping it. it amuses me immensely. i don't even know the lyrics, but tyler and nathaniel made them up last night. nathaniel is one of the best musicians i have ever met. (probably ever met) he's amazing. when i tape it they're going to put it to music hehe. o man.

today i have to finish my symposium presentation that's tomorrow. public speaking won't be so bad especially if it's in front of people i know well. they cut you off at 10 minutes though so i'm going to have to practice a bunch. at about 1-2 pm me, meg, and mary are going to santa elenato buy souvenirs and things and i might try to buy something to wear to the symposium so i look nice. THEN! i'm going to teach a bunch of people how to indian dance because they want to learn. how cool is that? it's not like that one night in ruston where people were like...meh, ill learn. here they actually asked to learn. i dunno i just think that's cool.

i think i'm going to miss these people.

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