Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Sheiphali: hi! i am once again on top of things. i finished my power point already. aren't you proud of me?

Chad: lol yes when is it due?
Sheiphali: tomorrow
Chad: oh wow you are on top of things
Sheiphali: i know... WHAT"S HAPPENING TO ME!?!?!
Chad: don't worry we'll change you back when you get to school
Sheiphali: NEVA... i won't let you
Sheiphali: meh : P
Chad: we have a 12 step program for people that have strayed from the path of procrasitination and late nights
Sheiphali: is DDR one of those steps?
Chad: all 12
Sheiphali: well if its DDR....

i'm a-going to post some pictures of me and meg today and some other random ones. in a bit.

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