Saturday, August 6, 2005

i am 172 millipedes tall in case you care.

"Sheiphali, you're intro was rockin up until the last 2 sentences, but then I puked in my mouth"--Nathaniel while looking at my paper

"The length and width of the millipede were measured in millipedes by holding the millipede on its ventral side..." --me

first draft of paper turned in for revision and the TA's came out of their office being like "SHEIPHALI we wanna read you something" then they read me my beyond brilliant new unit of measure that will transcend all others to be the best of all. the measurement of the millipede. i mean today we use units of measure based on the length of the foot and thumb of the queen of england (thumb=inch, that's why thumb and inch are the same word). WHY NOT MILLIPEDES??? they are soo much cuter than the smelly, warty feet of some queen in england plus they smell like lotion.

i can't believe i'm still awake. brains should not even be allowed to function at this level of randomness.

Today I worked on my paper FOREVER, but it is better than anyother paper I’ve every written for a science class. I’m very proud of it w00t.

people have taken to calling me sheiphalipop. tyler said i should call the "new" species of millipede Nyssodesmus sheiphalipop if i decide to send the information to InBio (huge research inst. in Costa Rica) prolly won't matter even if i did b/c in order to "discover" a new species you have to give a life history of it and i don't have time for that. if i had the extra 3 weeks.... shit that would be sooo cool.

Called paul and addy today and that was exciting. Meg let me use her fone card service thing that’s super cheap. I come home soon. I’m excited for the USI friend fun of last year. went to spanish... was pretty boring but sad b/c it's our last class with Isaura and she's awesome. she wanted us to go to the club tonite (she's only 21) but we had to work on our paper. other than that, it was paper paper paper. watched some spirited away. the program owns a copy. :) how awesome is that?
tomorrow its gonna be sleep sleep sleep cuz i'm almost done. *relief* i plan on hiking somewhere tomorrow. hope it doesn't rain. that's a long shot in the rainforest/cloudforest. i want to walk through a cloud tomorrow. i haven't done it in a while (like 5 days)

Ps. Sorry for the boredom of the last entry. Don’t hate me forever. i love all of you

Current Music: elizabeth giving peter dreads (is that how you spell it?)

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