Friday, August 5, 2005

the boringest entry EVER!!!! BEAT IT! i DARE you

man do i know how to complain or what... but seriously. i need to talk this through and at 1:14 am in the bio station and the only one up... you're stuck with me.

soooo. worked all day on my paper except for the 8 hours of lecture and 1 hour of spanish hw. lo-ong day. good one though b/c i got a lot done and that's always satisfying. listen to me! i'm such a dork. but

bio majors help! need ideas

USI'S LIBRARY DATABASE WON'T WORK! i need it b/c i don't have enough info on millipede sex differences. they have proven to be quite and obscure topic. those millipedes that my teacher got me may not be the same species. and we don't know which one it is. in addition... it may not have a name. should i run around with my hands in the air yelling, "w00t! i'm the first one!!" or should i sit in my chair and cry because i'm so fricking lost in the topic.

so i got significant data. problem arises because i have no idea why which is what my entire discussion section has to be on. and after than year of intro bio, i am definitely the expert to infer the behavioral patterns of Nyssodesmus python. (sense the sarcasm?)

my data is way too significant for me to be like. "uhhhh they felt like being that way. YAY! uh k bye." nope won't work.

for you all that had palladino or psychology... would you say that fixed action patterns (FAP) would be a good reason for them to curl up regardless of the thickness of their exoskeleton. i have info on that topic in particular but its delving in the murky waters of psychology in a scientific paper. i don't know whether or not i should try it. its kinda a longshot in my opinion b/c most of the examples for it are birds and the stuff, not stupid little buggies that like to crawl off the sides of tables. (omg you don't know how many i've had to rescue)

other idea. females stay curled in teh protective position longer because they have more to lose (i.e. egg sacs and the like). or could it be that they're bigger and move a lot slower and are just too lazy to get their lazy keels out of a ball?

i should be thankful though. some people didn't get any significant data. luckily the way my project works is that if there is no relationship that's worth reporting too, b/c that means that in that way there is no difference between the sexes. i just know how to ask the questions i guess.

ok now that the boringest lj post ever is over with, we should celebrate with... THE YUMMY ORANGE AND WHITE STUFF ADDY"S MOM MAKES!!!!!!! ... or at least some chocolate.

*munch* bye!

o btw. meg is the best comfort ever. she makes me feel better when i'm having stupid paper issues and so este es me grito a mi megan. mi CIEE amiga favorita.

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