Wednesday, July 20, 2005

the bipolarity of sheiphali *shakes head* SUCH A GOOD MOOD!!!!

well maybe it's because i stretched my tendons out this morning but the ankle no me duele (doesn't hurt) and i am running on a rush of up the hill endorphins topped off by one of the clearest days on the pacific coast where i can see it from the station. also i walked up the hill without stopping once! without stopping! one of the most satisfying sweats to ever grace my body. :) i haven't walked up the hill (no a hill... more mountain) since before i sprained my ankle and i was always like "i'm dying" and trust me i wasn't the only one but TODAY...!
40 minutes uphill and i'm not on the ground. addy we HAVE to go to audubon for like a whole day!

went to the heladeria (ice cream shop) and go the best sundae ever for less than 2 bucks we took pictures. yum yum 2 scoops of homemade hand-milked freshly made ice cream in costa rica with hot fudge on top and oreo sprinkles and whipped cream and a pirouette! coldstone creamery can go jump in a hole for all i care. the endless pit of DOOM wua ha ha!

omfg i need to calm down

btw speaking spanish rocks my face off. you guyz need to learn it so we can tell secrets in spanish...ok ok i'm just kidding but i was surprised how much i missed it because i hadn't done it for long periods of time since mexico.

APRIL, ADRIANE, and KELLY!!!! tell me what i need to bring. i don't care what it is because we have extras of random things in our house... don't ask, bu† anyways YA tell me so i can tell my mom just so she knows. i'm bringing a rice cooker cuz i got one for my graduation and because i'm asian and it's just a given. i have a george foreman ALSO i have a table top skillet that we can use for pancakes and grilled cheese
other ideas
-coffee maker
-water quick boiler thing (for ramen)

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