Tuesday, July 19, 2005


fell asleep at 7:30 last night... by accident. we went out to eat as a group last night and it was really funny b/c it turned out that Nathaniel our TA had a blind date there that night. he was like, "hey guyz" *tug collar* (like raj?) well anyway he ate around the corner from us... poor guy. but we had fun. my spanish teacher came to dinner with us and she's awesome (her name is awesome too, Isaura) so i got to talk in spanish all through dinner *happy*

ok... so as you guyz know. i'm really lazy and sometimes don't write what's going on over here. well my friend megan (prefers meg) has a livejournal (OF COURSE because all cool people do!!!) her name is:

canopy_dancer it's public and you guyz are welcome to add her... (do b/c i like when all my friends are friends w/ each other)

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