Wednesday, July 6, 2005


went to a club today. danced with my first boy O.o lol. i had fun. it was tyler tho so it's cool. he has a girl in england that he loves so he's safe ;) this tico boy (costa rican) was like dance with me and i shook my head and walked away. nope. don't dance with the randoms. not my style. it was gina's birthday so we went out to celebrate. i had a great time but as you all know all i need is some good beat and i'm in my zone. i think i've danced better tonite than i have in my entire life. its the anonymity of it that i love. parin we have to go clubbing when i get back. i want to soo bad. i didn't realize how great it would be.

Current Music: "ah ni kuria"

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