Monday, July 25, 2005

yesterday the movie night was a blast. w00t! we taught the girls how to play spoons (CUCHARAS!!!) we had so much fun with it. we were rolling on the floor grabbing things from eachother wrestling. ya it was fun. then my host sister susana stole my backpack and wouldn't give it back (jokingly) so i had to powerwalk to keep up w/ her b/c i can't run with my ankle sprained. it was funny though. then meg got it for me.

we had ice cream coca-cola floats and pizza (yum veggies) and we were just simply merry. we watched The Incredibles (los increibles) stef's little host sister Joriette is just soooo cute. she's like 2-3 years old. she was chasing after this dog going "Wow Wow" which is how they say like "bow wow" here and laughing it was so cute.

my second field practical is tomorrow and i'm not nearly as worried as i should be. i'll probably be studying all day. i want pizza again for dinner. does that sound stupid?

nathaniel found 4 millipedes so he's the day's hero :)

Current Music: Carlos teaching elizabeth something

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