Monday, July 18, 2005


hola... horrid mood. absolutely horrid. ankle hurts. other foot hurts taking stress off ankle. stomach hurts. diarrhea 7 times yesterday. midterm today (30% of grade). homesick b/c i talked to megan forever and it made me miss talking to my other good friends (btw... megan r0x0rs)...i need a hug x.x

so sorry for the venting...i can be like that.

ok... so april does the quote thing... as will i

from one of the best books ever... Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. It's frickin brilliant. borrowed it from Tyler.

"The Chinese discovered gunpowder by accident while trying to invent a potion that would alchemically lengthen life.

It is unclear what the Chinese were trying to invent when they discovered spaghetti. Perhaps the spaghetti noodle, too, was a byproduct of longevity research, of an effort to live a won, won ton; a futile attempt to avoid facing the question, 'Who's going to chop your suey when I'm gone?'

No matter. It may be prudent, however, for would-be immortals to bear in mind the Chinese experience. Seeking prolonged existence, they ended up with gunpowder, the elixir of death, not life; the propellant of history's innumerable tragic bullets, including the ones that felled Gandhi, John Lennon, and Bambi's mother-and the one that left Bingo Panama facedown on Royal Street."

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