Thursday, July 14, 2005


on the way to penas blancas i fell on a slippery rock climbing down to a freshwater pool and i sprained it. i thought it was broken at the time but obviously i was mistaken. well so they take me to the close refuge on a horse and i stayed the night there with nathaniel (one of the TA's) in this little shack thing. we dragged the mattressed out to the porch and we slept outside which was nice. he made this spaghetti with pepper and onions and tomato sauce and considering the conditions it was amazing. he was really sweet about it. i felt so bad b/c i was definitely not good company. many of you know how depressed-sheiphali is... she's just not there whatsoever. well so i cried a bit out of pain but by that point just out of being lonely and depressed b/c i couldn't go on the rest of the trip.

they took me out on horse :\ i liked the horse he was a sweetie this was on monday btw.

at the doctor i found out that indeed it wasn't broken but that it was gonna be fine. (today's the first day i can walk) and so i went to my host family really early. at my host family i'm pretty sure that they don't think i can speak spanish well at all just b/c i was so fricken depressed that i didn't feel like talking at all. i'll tell u bout them in a bit.

so i found out how much these people here have affected me. i can't imagine how it's gonna be like when i leave. i've make some of the most interesting and ground-breaking friendships ever here and i wouldn't change it for ANYTHING. my friends here are nothing like i've ever had. i'll tell more about it later but seriously it's really something new. i truly missed them.

they're so sweet. they were like WE MISSED YOU... even though i highly doubt they did much. i mean i'm just one person but they really made sure that i felt plenty loved which is always a great feeling.

well so i stayed w/ my host family and they're really nice... i'll post more bout that later i promise but i cried a lot there too... just from being lonely and stuck in bed b/c i couldn't walk. but today i'm in a great mood cuz i'm w/ everyone again so i'm gonna go play catchphrase cuz kent came in to ask if i want to play


(o my foot is finally better today!)

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