Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i miss you guys so much and with 18 days left i'm sad to leave but i'm also happy to be seeing you guys soon.

i have running-into-the-wall headache. it's cuz i had to do all the experiments on all 78 millipedes last night until 11:30pm and this was after taking that killer practical. i didn't do as well on this one as the last one. but i only have 4 more to do :) then i'll be done! w00t. i don't even have to come to the station on thursday if i don't wanna.


i told my friend stef about some of the crazy things we did last year and it made me really nostalgic. we better be psycho until we graduate. i told her about the time we danced in the windows for the tanning guy behind ruston, and april pelting paul in the nuts with paintballs, and alla and me driving parallel on the lloyd, and dancing in the car on the way to paintball that one day, and paul going to kroger decked out in camou gear, and just so much more. i think i have the best friends in the world.

nuf with that mush... MILLIPEdeS~

so i was walking down the killer hill one day and i met our other professor allen masters going down while he was going up. he lives on the killer hill. he is the biggest hippie you've ever met. he was barefoot in linen pant things, a bandana on his long hair, and his scruffy beard... the works. well we got to talking and he asked me about how my project was going and i was telling him about how i was having trouble with my data collection. well he was on the atlantic slope of the country and he happened to come across an orgy of millipedes... (the congregate to reproduce)... well so he picked them up for me and dragged them to me from san gerado. HOW NICE CAN YOU GET!!!! i was so happy :)

it turns out that they're a different species but the same genus so i can still use them (thankfully) and so i only have to find 4 more! when i do, i'll be done.

i think i might go ahead and by the harry potter book tonight because i'm killing for reading material. i've read 5 books here and i need another because you can only read Cat's Cradle and Whale Talk so many times before you get sick of them. (btw i recommend those too)

sorry for the babbling. WHA!

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