Friday, July 1, 2005


it stopped raining. in the mountains you have to turn the computers off and unplug them as soon as they tell you to prevent a power surge due to a lightning strike. exciting.

so ya last night i actually went to bed at a decent time and didn't study a ton before hand. now i regret it... :( i have soo much shit to do. stress!

well today we're doing another field project. this time we're looking at the distribution of this one dimorphic plant that is pollinated by hummingbirds. so pretty much we wanted to see if the plants were in certain places to encourage pollination by the hummingbirds. we saw one come by and he went in the right order so pretty much it seems that we have found some sort of connection w00t.

it started raining and i had to sprint out of the rainforest. and trust me that is hard. it was definitely a rush though running and jumping over logs and stuff. also the howler monkeys were yelling because of the rain. it was cool. it's weird here. in the US you hear dogs barking, in costa rica you hear the howler monkeys... howling? we saw them today when we were searching for our sample group.

haha. my friend megan is always talking about what animals/plant she would pick for mass genocide and if it were up to her she would pick pigs or strawberries. strawberries being the fact that they look like alien heads and are going to take over the world. and who knows what's up with pigs. well finally today i came to my decision. animal--walruses (they scare the crap out of me) and coriander--because it makes me gag.

i have my field practical on monday and we have 4 hours allotted to it! WAHHH! i'm so concerned about it. it seems as if it is going to be quite hard. there are like 60-70 plant species to learn and 30 animals. but personally animals are a lot easier b/c most of them i knew before i came here. it'll be hard when we start talking about the 6 different species of big cats or the different frogs though.

sonu:tell mom i tried to call twice and nobody picked up. i'll try again though.

P.S.i'm having fun but i hate when i want to be near the people i care about to help them out and i can't reach my arms across mexico to give them a big comforting hug.

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