Saturday, July 23, 2005

:) hello

millipede project is going slowly but well. i have to make like 10 terrariums today.

1 thing good about costa rica or at least monteverde is that the altitude kept my pop carbonated for like 4 days. it's still good :) that makes me happy b/c i don't really like that much at once.

my host family babysits for a bunch of little kids and when i came home yesterday the littlest one thought that i was his mom at the gate so when i walked in he walked up to me crying and put his head against my leg and was crying and said "mamita no viene" which means "mama doesn't come" awwww

today i'm going to megan's host sister's birthday party and afterwards we're going to a concert by a famous Tico band (tico = costa rican) i'm excited. i hope i don't fall asleep there. i woke up at 5 am this morning. well i'm going to go search for millipedes now.

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