Friday, July 1, 2005


i made friends with a millipede today that smelled like cherry-almond. i named him mike. he's cute. i'll take a picture of one like him before i leave and post it online or something. he curled up in a ball in my pocket then pooped there. awww he's so cute.

(i can tell he's a boy b/c on his seventh segment he has only 1 pair of legs instead of two...can you tell i'm learning?)

yesterday we did a project and found epiphytes around the forest. it was easy and a fun way to spend the morning making a poster. then we had spanish and got a ton of homework.

then some of us went to the supermercado in santa elena. i got monte rico cheese (from the monteverde cheese factory), crackers, potato chips (sigh), and milky way bars (double sigh). we had to walk back with all of it and its like 1 1/2 hour uphill. OOOF! (they say that in india AND costa rica, awesome!) that was tough.

post the rest later! lightning storm!

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